Members and Officers of The Parma Bar Association

The attorneys of the Parma Bar Association qualified for membership by either working or living within the jurisdiction of the Parma Municipal Court. (Parma, Parma Heights, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, Broadview Heights, North Royalton, Seven Hills, and Linndale.)

This members list area provides contact information for each member and the areas of practice in which each member is willing to accept cases.*

Current President Michael D. Schindler,. Past Presidents click here

A Message from Michael D. Schindler,

Welcome to the Parma Bar Association’s website. It is an honor and a privilege to have been elected President of the bar for the 2018-2020 biennium. It has been, and continues to be, a pleasure to work with such dedicated attorneys involved with more>>>

2019 Board of Directors

Michael D. Schindler, President
Anthony J. Amato, Vice President
John P. Thomas, Treasurer
David R. Boldt, Secretary
Jacqueline K. Roberts, Executive Committee
Patrick J. Milligan, Executive Committee
James Kocka
Kelly M. Zacharias
Joseph Grandinetti
Nicholas J. Gingo
Christopher A Godinsky


Abdallah, Bassel M. Adamczyk, Beverly A.
Amato, Anthony J. Annotico, Ronald A.
Anselmo, Christopher A. Balbier, Ronald C.
Balbier, Joseph A. Bazarko, Volodymyr O.
Behrens, James E. Bianchi, Robert C.
Boldt, David R. Boulas, James E.
Boyd, Monique J. Boyko, Judge Christopher A.
Boyko, Timothy A. Brochetti, Brian M.
Bundy, Roger M. Calarco, Carolyn G.
Chizmar, Gregory A. Cicero, Mark A.
Courey, Bruce M. Czack, Michael W.
Darling, Brian J. Day, William J.
Dell Aquila, Richard P. DePiero, Dean
Dobeck, Timothy G. Dobronos, Michael G.
Feola, Dennis L. Fink, Magistrate Edward J.
Fischer, Kathleen L. Flowers, Corey M.
Froning, Nicholas E. Gilligan, Judge Timothy
Gingo, Nicholas J. Godinsky, Christopher A.
Goldberg, Scott E. Greve, Thomas
Gutkoski, Brian R. Hastings, Jeff
Hayes, Jenna Heffernan, John M.
Hiteman, Carl G. Homolak, John R.
Homolak, Gloria Rowland Hurley, Kenneth R.
Hurt, Marcia E. Incorvaia, Santo T.
Joseph, Edward L. Kelly, Thomas A.
Kelly, Thomas J. Kirner, Peter S.
Koblentz, Richard E. Kolozvary, Stephen P.
Koscianski, John P. Kovacs, Julius E.
Kwarciany, Dale L. Lambros, David A.
Lang, Daniel P. Lonjak, George F.
Malone, Laurie A. Markovich, Anna A.
Mason, William D. Mayer, John E.
McGhee, Shorain L. Milligan, Patrick J.
Moore , Eric J. Mottl, Ronald M.
Naffah, Elias T. Negrelli, William E.
Oakar, James L. Ocampo, Benjamin T.
O'Donnell, Thomas P. O'Donnell, Judge Deanna
Osterland, Charles E. Phillips, Nicholas E.
Pignatiello, Richard A. Pokorny, Michael D.
Porzio, Barbara B. Preston, Kevin M.
Quinn, Patrick D. Ramsey, Lloyd J.
Roberts, Jacqueline K. Ruffa, Vincent
Sage, Victoria Scheid, Katherine A.
Schindler, Michael D. Schmid, Gordon E.
Schrader, Thomas C. Sidloski, Robert A.
Simon, George T. Sindyla, Robert J.
Sindyla, John R. Smith, Brian J.
Smith, Derek W. Smith, Brian A.
Spanagel, Judge Kenneth Spellacy, John J.
Stano, Paul J. Stanovic, James M.
Stavole, C. Anthony Teel, Richard A.
Thesling, William H. Thomas, Mary Ann
Thomas, John P. Toetz, David W.
Tomon, Bert R. Tuma, Brian G.
Tuma, Scott M. Tuma, Robert L. Tiger
Tweed, II, Guy E. Urban, John J.
Varga, Jane M. Verhas, Diana K.
Vocaire-Tramposch, Louis Vozar, Donna M.
Wagner, Erika J. Wayne, Ronald F.
Weise, Robert L. West, John H.
Wick, G. Michael Wiltshire, Hannah R.